Basingstoke Croquet Club

Thank you for your interest in the Club: this page gives you some information about us and about the game of croquet. If you would like more, please contact our Club Secretary,  Charmian Harrison on 01256 326081 or e-mail at

What is croquet?

There are two main types of croquet, both of which we play at the Club.   Golf Croquet is a relatively simple game involving either two (singles) or four players (doubles) progressing their balls round the course.   Association Croquet is rather more complicated and requires a variety of skills and a sense of tactics.

Croquet is rather like snooker played on a lawn.   Instead of pockets on the table we have hoops and we use mallets instead of a cue.   In Association Croquet the idea is to build a “break” by putting your ball through the hoops in a certain order and using all the other three balls on the lawn.