Association Croquet video coaching modules

2022 update and AC Advanced game

A further coaching module for Association Croquet dealing with the Advanced game

AC coaching module 1

Introduction to the game

Aims of the game
Background to croquet
Fundamentals of play
Basic terminology
Essentials of the 4-ball break

AC coaching module 2

Getting started

Laws of the game
Hoop and court terminology
Boundary and yard line
Corner balls
Beginning the game

AC coaching module 3

Strokes and handicaps

Strokes: the drive; personal ratio
the stop shot
roll strokes
Placing pioneers
Practice routine: circling the hoop
Handicaps: bisques and half-bisques

AC coaching module 4

Taking a bisque

Purpose of bisques
Setting up a break
Split shots
Tidying up the balls
To bisque or not to bisque?

AC coaching module 5

Building the break

Hoops 1 to Penult

AC coaching module 6

Picking it up

Which ball to play?
Establishing the break

AC coaching module 7

Errors, faults and wiring

Wiring and wiring lifts
Playing safe: the guarded leave
Faults, errors and rectification
Watching questionable strokes
Limit of claims

AC coaching module 8

Wrapping it up

The final break
Rover peels
Pegging out
Further information