Golf Croquet coaching modules


As of 1 March 2019, the Croquet Association and all constituent Clubs will be implementing the amendments to the Rules of Golf Croquet that are set out in the “5th Edition” of the Rules which are to be found on the World Croquet Federation website at

A short guide was published in the Croquet Gazette for December 2018 (Issue 377, p.18) but that account omits a very important change in the way that extra turns (now termed “extra strokes”) are calculated in doubles games.

We intend to re-make these coaching modules as soon as possible, but in the meantime, please look at the new rules!

Module 1: Introduction

What is GC?  Court layout; aims of the game;  Balls -  primary and secondary colours;
Different types of mallet:   the grip;
The stance and striking the ball
Basic principles – order of play;
Variations on the standard game

Module 2: The turn

The drive. The stun shot. Balls on and off the court.
Hitting away: relative distances.
Hoop approaches and running;
Striking faults

Module 3: Offside balls and wrong ball play

Tactics – using the triangle of success
Offside - basic rules
Legal offside
Wrong ball – rules and remedies

Module 4: Non-striking faults, etiquette and referees

Rules and examples of non-striking faults
Referee situations – hoop running
double taps
marking balls
Tactics – promoting balls

Module 5 : Handicap play

How Extra Turns are calculated
Rules on taking extra turns
Using extra turns effectively
Completing the handicap card
Tactics – balls in front of the hoop

Module 6: Winning the game

Jump shots and lawn damage
Timed games
The final hoop