Golf Croquet coaching modules

Module 1: Introduction

What is GC?  Court layout; aims of the game;  Balls -  primary and secondary colours;
Different types of mallet:   the grip;
The stance and striking the ball
Basic principles – order of play;
Variations on the standard game

Module 2: The turn

The drive. The stun shot. Balls on and off the court.
Hitting away: relative distances.
Hoop approaches and running;
Striking faults

Module 3: Offside balls and wrong ball play

Tactics – using the triangle of success
Offside - basic rules
Legal offside
Wrong ball – rules and remedies

Module 4: Non-striking faults, etiquette and referees

Rules and examples of non-striking faults
Referee situations – hoop running
double taps
marking balls
Tactics – promoting balls

Module 5 : Handicap play

How Extra Turns are calculated
Rules on taking extra turns
Using extra turns effectively
Completing the handicap card
Tactics – balls in front of the hoop

Module 6: Winning the game

Jump shots and lawn damage
Timed games
The final hoop